Transforming Australia - 2020 Update

This report tracks Australia's progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and highlights the potential impact of COVID-19 on Australia's ability to meet SDG targets by 2030.

Australia's SDG Progress

"There is no report like this for Australia that sets out what our targets are for 2030 and how we're going in achieving them...this is a chance to get an updated view of where we're on track and where we're off track...anyone who is concerned about Australia's future should read this report."

COVID-19 Impacts

"COVID has actually revealed underlying cracks in the economic and social model in Australia...we have to be really cognisant of how we hold the community work out how we can have a slow enough and steady enough conversation that means we have a proper deliberation around the long term-challenges that were facing Australia before COVID but are even more acute post COVID."
COVID-19 impact
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2020 Data Update

"In this assessment we're really trying to start a national conversation around targets, around where we want to be as a nation in 2030. To do that we draw upon the available evidence and expert advice to propose a set of target values but the intent is really to to move the conversation forward around targets for Australia and to demonstrate how targets can be used to conduct a robust analysis and provide valuable insights."

The future

"The disturbances caused by the current COVID crisis has opened a window of opportunity for us for building a society that is economically resilient, that is environmentally sustainable and that is socially inclusive, but we need to remember that this window of opportunity is not going to remain open forever."
TA 2020 Update report
GSDR 2019 Report